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Thailand was superb Thanks to everyone who made it happen

We have just returned from our first trip to Thailand with Global and it was just fantastic. On a long distance holiday we always have some worries about hotels and airport troubles. This holiday we can honestly hand on heart say it was perfect. When we got to Thailand the first three days were in Bangkok and although it was very busy it was still worth the experience. After that it was back to the airport and onward to Koh Samui which literally took our breath away. The beaches and the heat are what we went for but our resort made it just a bit more special. Our place was right on the beach and quite secluded so it was private and romantic too.

For the points we used it was incredible value and the villa had everything in it which we adored. The people at the resort were helpful and spoke good English and even the Thai people were amazing. This was one of our dream holidays and thanks to your company there was zero to complain about. You got everything spot on.

We are already booked up for Las Vegas so hopefully it will be as amazing as you made the Thailand trip.

Thank you and we look forward to getting used to this brilliant service you provide.

Robert Watson (Kendal-Cumbria-UK)


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