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صفحة منتج نادي العطلات العالمي

Your Cruise itinerary


Day 1: Southampton

For her very first 5 voyages Southampton will be the ships new home, so as you can imagine there will be plenty to celebrate as we ready ourselves for embarkation. All the fanfare, including traditional captains welcome awaits as you arrive dockside ready to board.


Day 2: At Sea

It is really the only place to be on a brand-new vessel as luxurious as The Apex. Get familiar with your surroundings because life on board is like another holiday in itself. Offering everything from live circus shows to Shakespeare plays this ships activities will have you encapsulated with interest all week.


Day 3: Bergen

As we awake this morning to an impressive choice of breakfast venues, we will also be making our first port of call. Welcome to Bergen on the southwestern coast of Norway, encircled by mountains and Fjords.


Once a leading trade empire you can still see to this day the old wharf wooden and brightly coloured homes locals inhabit. Also, home of the late much loved composer Edvard Grieg according to folklore.


A recommended excursion in Bergen would be to pay a visit to The Norwegian Fisheries Museum. Only 10USD per adult and children under 15 enter free.


In Sandviken Bergen, you will view an extremely unique museum experience. Within the timber walls of this 18th century barn, you’ll find engaging and dynamic exhibitions for the whole family! The museum guides tell you the fisheries old Viking stories that have shaped modern Norway, and along the way take you through historical buildings, and outdoor activities in the harbour.


The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is located in the largest veteran boat harbour in Norway and gives you a glimpse of real coastal culture. In the harbour you may rent a rowing boat, kayak, or jump onboard the historical ferry Beffen that in just 15 minutes can bring you back into town.


Day 4. Aalesund

It’s your holiday so on route to our next destination is there any better time to relax? Check out our spa, fitness centre and swimming pools all onboard. Or indulge with a massage as you discover our new level of tranquility in The Spa onboard your Apex Class ship.


It may help as next we land in Aalesund. A port town on the west coast of Norway, and the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. Well, known for the art nouveau architectural style in which most of the town was rebuilt after a fire in 1904.


Also, panoramic views of Aalesund's architecture, the surrounding archipelago and fjords from the Mount Aksla lookout. Explore Aalesund at your pace with a 24-hour hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus ticket (43.50 USD).


Set your own itinerary and spend as little or as much time as you wish at each of the tour stops, which include Aalesund Church, Aksla Viewpoint, and Sunnmore Museum. Or, if you prefer, simply stay on board and complete the full tour taking in the views. While traveling, listen to informative commentary via the audio guide.


Day 5: Geiranger

A Balcony Stateroom is your luxurious home from home with both indoor and outdoor space in abundance. Having sizzling views via floor-to-ceiling windows, or if you step outside the sliding glass doors you have your very own private balcony with a full-on view of the horizon.


Maybe enjoy room service before we reach our next port of Geiranger yet another amazing little town in western Norway lying at the head of Geirangerfjord. The Norwegian Fjord Centre has great multimedia on the history of the region and its inhabitants.


Part of the steep Trollstigen mountain road meanders through the village, connecting it to Flydalsjuvet lookout, which has views over the fjord. The fjord’s waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil, are visible best by boat.


An enchanting place and ideal for those photo opportunities. As we set sail this evening for Stavanger why not take in one of our many live shows this evening. Day 6. Stavanger Refreshed and refueled we head into Stavanger this morning.


Still in Southwest Norway. In the town centre, Stavanger Cathedral dating back to the 12th-century stands proudly and majestically in the forefront. Stavanger Museum recites the history of the city and displays neatly preserved wildlife to be enjoyed.


The Norwegian Petroleum Museum illuminates the city famed by the oil industry. A super place for shopping here is on Øvre Holmegate more known for its quaint but colourful houses. One of the top selling excursions here is a customized and private tour with a local and at 40 USD well worth paying.


Get to know the city through the eyes of a passionate citizen. With no set itinerary, customize the tour or leave it up to your guide for a marvelous insight of the city. Making travel about the people you meet not just the places you see. During this trip, skip the mundane historical tours the others are doing and discover the city with a resident. The local guides are passionate about their city and eager to share knowledge with you.


Since they are not professional guides and tour occasionally, they give an authentic and personal, almost like a friend showing you around their city.


Get familiar with the neighborhood quickly, find out about the best places to eat, the easiest ways to get around, and the hidden gems you might have missed.


They will meet up with you from the ship and even come back to wave you off.


Day 7: At Sea

As the ship slowly maneuvers our passage back to England we will be sailing overnight. If you haven’t had enough time on board this enigma of a ship, then tonight it’s a celebration as we head back.


You have ample spots that may grab your attention. Possibly a live rock band or up on the top deck a romantic evening on the ships magic carpet.


Looking for a family fun fare then head to the circus. For those who feel a little tardier have a full body treatment in the spa. Tomorrow, we arrive in the UK.

رحلة بحرية في المضايق النرويجية مذهلة

  • راينفيلد هاوس آند مانور

    عندما تغادر رحلتك البحرية في أرصفة ساوثهامبتون ، ستصل في أقل من 30 دقيقة إلى أحد أرقى المنتجعات في ما لا يزال يسمى إنجلترا القديمة اليوم.

    يعتبر Rhinefield House ملاذًا سحريًا حقيقيًا ، ويقع في أعماق حديقة New Forest الوطنية. دع نفسك تعود بالزمن إلى الوراء داخل هالة هذا القصر المذهل.

    مع محيط فخم ومزيج رائع من الهندسة المعمارية التيودور والقوطية ، يعتبر فندق Rhinefield أكثر الفنادق الريفية فخامة في نيو فورست وتقريباً القصص الخيالية. إنه المكان المثالي لأي رحلة جديرة إلى إنجلترا مع الاستمتاع بالهواء الطلق الرائع.

    لذلك ، سواء كانت رحلات المهر ، أو التنزه الرومانسي الطويل في الغابة الخضراء المورقة أو حتى رحلة ليوم واحد إلى شاطئ البحر ، ستجدها على عتبة داركم. يضم المنتجع 50 غرفة نوم تشمل ثلاثة أجنحة فاخرة ومسبحًا في الهواء الطلق ومنتجعًا صحيًا صغيرًا ، مما يجعله مثاليًا إذا كنت تبحث عن فترات راحة للاسترخاء في The New Forest.

    يُعد مطعم Armada الفاخر حاصل على تصنيف 2 AA Rosette هو المكان المثالي لتناول وجبة رومانسية أو حتى وجبة احتفالية. يقدم مطعم The Grill أجواء أقل رسمية مع إطلالات على برك الزينة المجهزة جيدًا.

    غرفة الطعام الرئيسية مستوحاة من قصر الحمراء في إسبانيا ، لذا استعد للإبهار. وجود ما يقرب من 193000 فدان من الغابات والأراضي الصحية كاملة مع المهور والحمير والأغنام وحتى الخنازير المتجولة مجانًا ،

    توفر حديقة New Forest الوطنية عطلة فريدة من نوعها صديقة للأسرة. أضف أكثر من 140 ميلاً من المسارات الوعرة السهلة للدراجات ، والطرق ذات السرعة المنخفضة والمتاحف والمتاجر والحدائق ، فلا داعي للذهاب إلى أي مكان آخر.

    المتحف الوطني للسيارات في هامبشاير ليس بعيدًا جدًا أيضًا ، فهو موطن لـ 250 سيارة من جميع عصور صناعة السيارات ، كما أطلق المتحف أيضًا عرضًا جديدًا في عام 2018: `` The Luxury of Motoring '' ، فلماذا لا تأتي وتصمم سيارتك التميمة الخاصة بسيارتك أو حتى التأنق لالتقاط صورة ذاتية في سيارة عتيقة.

    يشتمل على نظام خط أحادي بطول ميل ومنطقة لعب بمحرك صغير للأطفال الصغار ومضمار go-kart الخاص به. صغيرًا أو كبيرًا ، إذا كنت تحب السيارات ، انزل إلى هناك. التكلفة: من 19.50 جنيهًا إسترلينيًا للشخص البالغ و 9.50 جنيهًا إسترلينيًا للطفل.

    أيضًا ، موطن Peppa Pig World ، وهي أحلى مدينة ترفيهية. ستضيف Peppa Pig World اثنتين من مناطق الجذب الجديدة في مايو ، The Queen's Flying Coach Ride (خط حديدي أحادي) ونادي الإبحار Grampy rabbit (رحلة بحرية).

    يوجد أيضًا مركز رعاية أطفال جديد. أفضل لـ: الأطفال الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين ست سنوات وما دون. التكلفة: تذاكر البالغين والأطفال الذين يزيد ارتفاعهم عن مليون جنيه إسترليني عن 27.25 جنيه إسترليني ؛ الأطفال الصغار يذهبون مجانًا.

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