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The two castles Liebenstein and Sterrenberg lie high above the medieval pilgrimage Kamp-Bornhofen, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley between Rüdesheim and Coblence, close to the famous Loreley rock.


Together the two castles are also known as the "Hostile Brothers". Numerous sagas deal with the two feuding decendants of an old king who built the two castles in the course of their dispute about their inheritance. The castles Liebenstein and Sterrenberg lie as close to each other as no other castles have ever been built in the Rhine River Valley.


The Castle Liebenstein was built in the 13th century.

Today, the hotel is located in the ancient main tower of the castle. One distinctive mark of the castle grounds is the so called "Streitmauer", a massive wall between the two castles, which also plays an imporetant role in the saga.Since 1995 our family has been running the hotel and restaurant at Castle Liebenstein. We strive to preserve and restore the castle to ensure that future generations will be able to explore medieval history here at Castle Liebenstein.

Hotel Rooms at Hotel Castle Liebenstein

In the hotel rooms and in the castle suite at Hotel Castle Liebenstein you spend the night within medieval walls. All hotel rooms are located in the ancient castle and furnished in medieval style. You enjoy a magnificent view on the Rhine river from almost all of the rooms.  All hotel rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet.


Dining in the medieval restaurant at Castle Liebenstein

In our castle restaurant you can dine in medieval atmosphere. In the knights' hall or the "Bauernstube" we serve you traditional German dishes while you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Rhine River Valley and torwards the neighbouring Castle Sterrenberg - the Hostile Brother. On our castle terrasse or the castle garden you can relaxe, enjoy fantastic panorama views and forget about the everyday life.

The Upper Middle Rhine River Valley in Germany is famous for it's excellent wines. For centuries winegrowing has been an important part of the culture in the region. Our castle wine-cellar offers a special selection of fine wines from local vintners. 


Day tours and activities in the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany


The Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany, between Bingen, Rüdesheim and Coblence,

also know as the Valley of the Loreley, is one of Germany's most scenic and culturally beautiful regions. The picturesque panoramas, numerous medieval castles above small historic towns and steep vineyards along the Rhine River have inspired visitors for centuries. Experience the fascinating atmosphere along the Rhine River and enjoy the hospitality of the region.

Castle Liebenstein and Castle Sterrenberg

  • Boat tours on the Rhine River in Germany

    A boat trip on the Rhine River is probably the most relaxed way to explore the region. While you are cruising past small medieval towns and wonderful sceneries you always have the chance to hop off the boat to visit historic places, climb up the steep vineyards to one of the many castles or listen to the beautiful Loreley who has bewitched reams of sailors at the steepest and most narrow part of the valley. Just below the Castle Liebenstein in the village Kamp-Bornhofen you can find several landing stages of different cruise boat companies. From Kamp-Bornhofen you can make day tours to Ruedesheim, the famous Loreley Rock, St. Goar or any other place along the Middle Rhine River. You can find further information about destinations and departures on the websites of the cruise boat companies:​

    There is a free shuttle service between the castle and the landing stages for our hotel guests.

    Hiking on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany: The "Rheinsteig" The Rheinsteig is one of Germany's most scenic hiking trails and runs right through the inner ward of Castle Liebenstein. From here you can hike along the Rhine River with astonishing views over the valley.We offer a special service for our hotel guests: Enjoy your hiking without luggage! As soon as you leave the castle in the morning your luggage will already be on its way to your next accommodation. This service is free for our hotel guests.

    Castles along the Rhine River Valley in Germany

    At the Middle Rhine River Valley in Germany you can trace the medieval age. At no other place in the world so many castles have been built in such short distance to each other. Beside the legendary Hostile Brothers, Castle Liebenstein and Caslte Sterrenberg, numerous other castles along the Rhine River are evidence for the importance of the region already in the medieval ages. For example you can visite the castle Marksburg in Braubach which is the best preserved caslte in Germany and just a 10 minute train ride or a short boat tour from Castle Liebenstein

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