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The Lancaster bomber is an iconic aircraft of WW2, used on many bombing raids in Germany. Join us on a fascinating tour where we follow the Lancaster story from training, to bombing the Dams in Germany. From Sheffield, visiting Derwent Dam, before moving on to the Lincoln area where we visit the International Bomber Command Memorial.


Whilst in Lincolnshire we take a runway taxy ride in a real WW2 Lancaster, Just Jane, this unique experience offers the only chance in Europe to be inside a Lancaster Bomber with all four Merlin engines running. We move onto the continent to Holland and Germany where we visit Bergen op Zoom and the Möhne and Eder Dams.


  • 2 nights hotel with English breakfast

  • 3 nights hotel with continental breakfast

  • 1 night on board ship in en-suite cabin

  • Specialist Battlefield Guide

  • Battlefield visits as described

  • FREE parking at the venue and return drop off service

  • Local joining points are available

Lancaster Bomber Experience - Historic Dambusters Tour

₱1 200,00Цена
  • Day 1

    This tour begins in Sheffield. where you will be staying the first night. Free car parking is available at the venue in together with a free transfer service to your hotel.

    ​Day 2 - Derwent Dam & the International Bomber Command Memorial

    After breakfast the first part of this awesome tour is a visit to the Derwent Dams where 617 Squadron RAF practised attacking the dam towers, which resembled their target in Germany. You then travel across to the Lincoln area and visit the new International Bomber Command Memorial. This commemorates the thousands of men who died serving in Bomber Command and we take time to see this and see the Visitor’s Centre. You will then stay overnight in the Retford area.​

    ​Day 3 - Lincolnshire Aviation Centre

    Following breakfast you will visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre to see the museum and displays, and in groups of ten people take runway taxy rides in an original WW2 Lancaster Bomber, Just Jane. Restored to almost flying condition, the aircraft will power up and taxi along the runway: a totally unique experience! Later we depart for Hull and an overnight crossing to Holland.

    ​Day 4 - Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery

    After arrival in the Netherlands we visit the grave of Guy Gibson VC, who commanded 617 Squadron, and died in a Mosquito crash in 1944 We then visit Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery to see the RAF Bomber Command crews, including Dambusters crewmembers. We then travel to the Dortmund/Wuppertal area for a two-night stay

    Day 5 - Mohne and Eder Dams

    Today we have a full day visiting the Möhne and Eder Dams, attacked in Operation Chastise in May 1943 by 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron. We discover the story of the raid and look at the dams which were attacked, seeing the local museum.

    ​Day 6 - Rheinberg War Cemetery

    On our final day we visit the graves of men who died in Operation Chastise at Rheinberg War Cemetery and then visit Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, the largest British WW2 Cemetery in Europe, where half of the burials are RAF crews, many from Bomber Command. We then travel for an overnight stay in Belgium or Holland.

    ​Day 7

    We return to the UK today. You can choose to be dropped off at one of our local joining points or if you parked your car go back and collect your car.

  • TaxY riders must be able to board the Lancaster without any assistance and be able to exit the aircraft quickly, should there be an emergency, without any assistance. Access to the Lancaster is by five steps with a hand rail. Riders have to be able to climb over the main spar, which is 30 inches high and 14 inches deep. There is a step up to this of 12 inches. The head space to climb over the spar in is 30 inches high and 32 inches wide. This area is an arc and the measurements are to the widest and highest points.Without being able to cross the main spar, the rider would not be able to access the W/OP, Navigator, cockpit or nose areas of the aircraft. One of our 2 emergency exits is in the front of the aircraft and so it is important that the riders can cross the main spar in case the other exit cannot be used. The emergency escape route from the front and rear of the aircraft is by ladder and so riders must be able to use a ladder without assistance. Anyone undertaking the Lancaster taxy ride experience must be able to hear and follow verbal and visual instructions in noisy surroundings. This experience may not be suitable for anyone who has disabilities affecting mobility, concentration, dexterity and co-ordination. If we deem the rider unable to move around the aircraft with enough ease and sufficient speed to such an extent that they may put themselves and others at risk during an emergency, then sadly, it would not be possible for them to take part in the taxy ride. If this decision is made by the Centre upon the customers’ arrival, then no refund will be given.

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