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Your Hotel Poas Volcano Lodge 


Families or couples in search of relaxation in the quiet countryside. Poas Volcano Lodge is a peaceful getaway hotel nestled in the hills near Poas Volcano National Park in Alajuela. 


This cozy lodge offers beautiful rustic rooms with a modern feel, and it has many areas for their guests to enjoy. Delicious food, books, and games are some of the on-site amenities, and there is chance for an intimate exploration of natural wonders and adventures. Stunning views of the volcano, the cloud forest, and the local fauna are a main part of the experience.


What to Expect at Poas Volcano Lodge:

  • A peaceful hideaway near Poas volcano.
  • English cottage atmosphere with great indoor/outdoor spaces.
  • Lively flora and fauna from the cloud forest and dairy farm.


What NOT to Expect at Poas Volcano Lodge:

  • Busy cities full of people. This is a rural area, ideal for admiring nature.
  • A resort. Boutique hotels offer a more personalized, snug stay.
  • Extreme luxury. The lodge has a rustic, comfortable style.


This cozy hotel was once the home of a family which decided to share the beauties of their dairy farm with others. Although cows and other farm animals might peek from the road, your stay is intimate and quiet. Their style combines the charm of the countryside with contemporary comfort. Take a break from it all and enjoy the cool breeze coming from the cloud forest.


Poas Volcano Lodge is a 45-minute drive away from San Jose airport, into the slopes of the Central Valley. It is also a 20 minute drive from the volcano itself. Explore the trails to admire the vivacity of the local flora and fauna, and discover the wonders of hidden natural treasures in your adventures.

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