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The Trendelburg Castle was built in 1300, near the city of Kassel. Purportedly this is the real McCoy – the original true Rapunzel Castle right out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. In reality, it was built by Conrad III von Schöneberg, to secure the road between Kassel and Bremen. Like Sababurg, it’s located on the Fairy Tale Road, on the other side of Reinhard’s Forest. 
The impressive 125 foot high “Rapunzel” tower was added after the castle burned down in 1456. The Grimm Brothers added Rapunzel (the German word for lamb’s lettuce) to their collection of fairy tales, after a woman from this area told them the handed-down medieval tale of Sleeping Beauty in 1810. The forest surrounding (Reinhardswald) is full of so many old trees, you will believe it’s haunted. Unlike in the fairy tale, the castle played a strategic role in the Thirty Years’ War, and was destroyed by General Tilly’s Croatian soldiers. It wasn’t until 1996 that it was finally purchased by an investment company and finally restored, making it one of the most romantic castle hotels in Europe. 

Hotel Rooms at Trendelberg Castle 

One of Germany's best-preserved castles is Trendelburg Castle in the Wester Mountains near Kassel. Chartered in 1301, the same year as the town that surrounds it, Trendelburg historically has held a strategic position, dominating important trade roads from Frankfurt to Kassel and Hamburg.

This picturesque 14th-century knight's castle perches on a hilltop in the Rheinhardswald forest. The town grew up roughly within the same area covered by its ancient walls today.

The Trendelburg fortress, separated from the town by a deep ditch cut into the rocks, has weathered fires, reconstructions, reinforcements, plagues, the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) and the Seven Years' War (1756 to 1763). It has been pillaged, pawned and pulverized in various eras.

The original castle was built just before its chartering in 1301, by Konrad III of Schoeneberg. Through the years it was called Trindirberg, Drendenburg, Dreyndeneberch, Drenderburg, Drendelburg and Trendelburgk. Romans probably camped here; the region paid homage to Charlemagne and fell under the influence of the Carolingians.

Throughout much of Trendelburg Castle's history it has been connected with the Stockhausen family, which today runs the castle as a hotel and restaurant. Martin Luther, whose family was related to the Stockhausens, once stayed here. French and English troops once made it their barracks, as did GIs during World War II.

Trendelburg Castle Map&Location


Origin of the fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. 22 individually designed rooms romantic, with antique furniture. In the main building with four-poster beds. In the fairy tale Rapunzel tower haunted room. All rooms with Wi-Fi and modern bathrooms. 4. In the tower there is the extraordinary spa with Massage kemenate and unique castle-tower-organic sauna. New since 2014, the salt house "princess mouse skin" with 2 tons of pure low salt from the Gottingen saline. Magical Castle restaurant overlooking terrace and enchanting courtyard with over 350 years old chestnut. The "RAPUNZEL TOWER" with more than 40 meters height is worth a visit. With Dungeon Museum and silhouettes of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, created by artist Albert Volkl, he inspires young and old alike.

​The rooms all have “castle chamber” décor, especially for romantic couples in mind. The hotel gives special attention to details like rose petals in the bath, and bedding arranged with a romantic flair. Naturally, four-posted canopy beds at the crowning touch to this romantic castle hotel.  

This hotel is perfect for people who want the fairy tale experience with romance, comfort and luxury. Here’s a sample of one of the specials they have at Rapunzel’s castle:

  • 2 overnights in one of the fairy tale rooms

  • Royal castle lord‘s breakfast

  • They welcome you with the heavenly smell and taste home-baked muffins

  • Fluffy bath-robe and comfortable slippers

  • Aroma bath in your fairy bath in your chambers

  • A fairy tale heavenly relaxing massage (25 minutes)

  • 3-course dinner with an "enchanted" main entry

  • 5-course dinner in "magical" candle-light for romantics

  • An enchanting day in the land of fairy tales is awaiting for your discover

  • You can arrive as of 12:00 pm (upon request)

  • You can take a late check-out up until 4:00 pm (upon request)

  • Free parking in front of the castle

Trendelberg Castle - The Real Rapunzel Castle

    • Four-posted canopy bed or residence in the tower    € 40,00

    • Honeymoon Suite       € 80,00

    • Residence in the Royal Suite    € 120,00

    Spoil yourself like a real Princess or Prince And for super-romantics, they have more extras: 

    • A temperate sauna (150°F) for cold winter days – 30 €/hr/couple – private use: 75 €/hr/couple.

    • Pamper yourself in their “Princess Mouse Skin” Salt Room (24 € /hr /couple)

    • Relaxing massages starting at 35 € / person, or hot stone massages 75 € / person.

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