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Nestled against natural rock formations in the Cederberg and far away from big city lights lies Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve; a location which connects visitors of today with the soulful heritage and landscape once inhabited by the Khoi and San of the past. Kagga Kamma is unique in that it comprises an untouched Karoolike wilderness: decorated in bursts of wildflowers, scattered and fascinating rock formations and an intriguing ecosystem of small creatures scarcely seen or found anywhere else.


Guests to the resort are touched by the incredible experience bestowed upon them when visiting the Reserve and often find themselves wishing to return to a place so undiscovered and exclusive. Enjoy a number of modern comforts while reconnecting with the earth at Kagga Kamma resort as time goes by slowly.

South Africa - Wilmaaaaa 5 Nights of Pure Fun

5 200,00₱Цена
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