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The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum is currently the only plane available for supersonic flying with Civilians. So if you plan to break the sound barrier – you either become a military pilot or the MiG-29 Fulcrum flight is waiting for you! There is no other alternative. The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum is a modern air superiority fighter jet of the 4th generation – comparable to the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet. But it is more powerful than Western counterparts and unbeatable in dogfights.

A German Air Force (Luftwaffe) colonel who was able to fly the MiG-29 after the reunification said: “that’s a rocket – as simple as that.” The fact that MiGFlug can offer flights in such advanced and powerful military jets is nothing short from fantastic. Even today – EU members like Croatia and Rumania still have the older MiG-21 as the backbone of their air forces.

Edge of Space Flight Program


The MiG-29 Edge of Space flight includes controlling the jet – a unique possibility you get with all MiGFlug jet fighter flights. The Edge of Space flight program includes these manoeuvres:

  • Breaking the Sound Barrier and fly at supersonic speed

  • Climb to the max altitude at nearly Mach 2*

  • Rolls

  • Immelman

  • Loopings

  • Split-S

  • Accelerated vertical climbing

  • Vertical dive

  • Curves

  • Tail-Slide

  • High speed low level flying over the runway – your spectators will be very impressed!


Thanks to a thrust/weight ratio of 1.09 – the MiG-29 gains speed during vertical climbing!

Included in the Edge of Space flight experience in the MiG-29 is everything except the airline flight to Nizhny Novgorod (an hour from Moscow), GVC will arrange everything else to ensure there is no  hassle involved – This custom-tailored travel package really is exceptional. The experience of a lifetime awaits those budding Top Gun wanabees out there.

GVC will plan, book and organize whatever you want and make sure everything  is perfect leaving you a moment you will never forget.. On the day of the flight, you’ll be picked up in the hotel lobby by a profesional interpreter and your own driver.


The Edge of Space flight package includes:

  • Transfer hotel – airbase – hotel

  • Medical checkup prior to the flight

  • Introduction and flight training

  • Around 50 min total flight time

  • Flight certificate with altitude and G-load

  • Visit to airbase museum

  • First class MiGFlug service

  • Optional HD video (edited) and photo service

​There are many Flight packages available check with GVC Reservations for more details.

Ararat Park Hyatt - Moscow

Opened in 2001, the Ararat Park Hyatt missed out on the fanfare enjoyed by some of its more ostentatious rivals, but quickly established itself as among the very best hotels in Moscow. In fact, discreet luxury is the Park Hyatt's great attraction. A recent refit has refreshed the hotel's exceptionally tasteful interiors, which combine state-of-the-art amenities with a mid-20th century minimalist aesthetic and superbly high quality materials.


Facilities at the hotel include the Quantum Spa and fitness centre with 17-meter pool and a stunning rooftop lounge with great views over Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre (both under five minutes' walk from the hotel). Service at the Park Hyatt is regularly ranked as the best in Moscow by guests from around the world.

Fly to the Edge of Space in a MIG29

30 000,00₱Prix
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