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Enjoy an extraordinary trip to a unique place. The Historic Sanctuary – National Archaeological Park of Machupicchu (SHM-PANM) is a cultural and natural area inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. With an extension of 37302 hectares, it is one of the most biodiverse areas in Peru and harbors more than 60 archaeological monuments linked by a complex Inka road network.

The most important monument inside the HSM-NAPM is the llaqta or Inka City of Machupicchu, which was planned and built around 1450 CE during the reign of Inka Pachakuti. Its construction demanded the participation of specialists in architecture, engineering, astronomy, and massive amounts of labor. More than 50% of the work required for its erection was focused on site preparation, the foundation and the drainage system. Its construction responds to the need of the Inka State to have a religious, political and administrative center within a sacred space that is the link between the Andes and the Amazon.


The llaqta of Machupicchu was abandoned during the second half of the sixteenth century; however, it was never lost as it was occasionally visited and inhabited by local farmers. Some colonial documents refer to the Inka llaqta of Machupicchu as the "Settlement of the Incas" or the "Old Village of the Inga Named Guaynapicchu". In 1874, the names "Machu Picchu" and "Huaina Picchu" appear for the first time in a cartographic document, which was prepared by engineer Herman Göhring. In 1911, Professor Hiram Bingham visited the llaqta and was impressed with its beauty and majesty. The following year he returned with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who conducted excavations and research in the area.

Since the 1930’s, the Peruvian government has been promoting the research, conservation, and enhancement of the Historic Sanctuary and the llaqta of Machupicchu, which represents a masterpiece of art, architecture, and engineering in perfect harmony with nature and is the most important legacy the Inka civilization left to mankind.

Machu Picchu Adventure

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    The property we have selected is in the perfect location with astonishing views with everything nearby. You will find a modern space of serenity where you can decompress before embarking on your big adventure to the ancient Inca citadel. This property offers you an unforgettable experience in a marvelous city. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty and mysticism of Cuzco with no better place to see Cuzco without being smothered by all the thousands of fellow travelers enjoying the magic of Machu Picchu? 

    Rooms and Suites here are fitted with a flat-screen TV. Certain units have a seating area. Each room includes a private bathroom fitted with a bath or shower. Extras include free toiletries and a hair dryer. Hotel Wayqey features free WiFi throughout the property. Wayqey Hotel boasts a seventh floor terrace and panoramic views of the city. Free WiFi access is available.

    The property really is the best way to see Cusco without thousands of tourists enjoying the magic of Machu Picchu? You will find a modern space of serenity where you can decompress before embarking on your big adventure to the ancient Inca citadel. With nearly 350,000 residents in Cuzco and thousands of tourists every day, this lively city never lacks opportunities for fun. The night life, the "party scene”. is ready and willing to go strong seven nights a week. 

    The property is only five minutes from the town center by taxi, making it very easy to sleep at night as you are far enough away from the hussle and bustle but still near enough to enjoy the wonderful local restaurants where you really are sppilt for choice.

    When it comes to relaxing the bar on the top floor is absolutely stunning, sit back relax whilst sipping the most amazing Peruvian cocktails. The view really is nothing short of spectacular with panoramic views across Cusco city day or night takes your breath away.

    The on site restaurant offers some wonderful cuisine offering both local and international dishes for all palates but to really get a taste for pervuvian food you really should take a walk around Cusco City and discover some of the most delicious dishes on the planet.

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