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The Mustang was a force to be reckoned with in WWII and was a critical part of the Allied victory in Europe. Once they were seen flying over Berlin, Herman Goering knew ‘the jig was up.’ It was their manoeuvrability, range and reliability that made them the perfect candidate to accompany bombers on long-range missions between England and Germany.


Initially, the Mustang was designed to use an Allison V-1710 engine but this had limited high altitude performance and it was when this was replaced with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine that the Mustang was able to truly compete with the Luftwaffe. It was now capable of flying at over 15,000 ft and at speeds of over 400 knots.

Considered to be one of the top fighters of its day, the P-51 Mustang played a large role in defeating the Luftwaffe as its speed and range made it the ideal bomber escort.  A commanding aircraft that was among the fastest piston engine planes of the war, it never fails to thrill all those that fly her. Many people have daydreamed about experiencing the power of a Mustang first hand and now with GVC we can make that dream a reality.  You can take a ride in the cadillac of the sky and discover the excitement of flying in a Mustang.

Mustang Flight Experience

₱1 200,00Prix

    • A pre-flight safety briefing

    • You will be provided you with a flight suit, helmet and gloves

    • Your Vintage Warbird flight will take you from the hangar into Battle of Britain airspace

    • 30 or 50 minute flight experiences available to choose from

    • Headset communication with your pilot

    • Aerobatics are always an option and can be undertaken with pilot discretion

    • Up close access to the aircraft after your flight and the opportunity to take pictures

    • Free entry to IWM Duxford for the person flying and a plus one

    • Incredible viewing from our garden area to capture the moment of take off

    • Half price museum entry for additional guests

    • Up to four guests able to view the flight from our hangars with any additional guests being able to view from museum public spaces

    • Free parking

    • Aerial Collective gift bag containing an Aerial Collective Log Book signed by the pilot and souvenir flight suit patch

    • Complimentary refreshments available throughout

    • Access to café's, restaurant and children's play area

    • 7 nights accommodation in a nearby hotel..

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