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Welcome to St Maarten


• Where do you find a tropical paradise with pristine turquoise waters and sunny clear skies, as diverse as any cosmopolitan city yet as welcoming and familiar as your hometown. Where laid back island energy transforms into vibrant rhythms and finger-licking dining, and where European Culture blends so effortlessly with Caribbean Flair.


• St. Maarten – St. Martin, known as the smallest landmass to be divided by two nations, and home of the “Friendly People”, invites you to come experience the true magic of the island.


• Sint Maarten, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a country on the southern part of a Caribbean island shared with Saint Martin, a French overseas collectivity. Its natural features span lagoons, beaches and salt pans. The capital, Philipsburg, has cobblestone streets and colorful, colonial-style buildings lining its Front Street shopping area.


• Make your trip to St. Maarten unforgettable by taking part in the countless events happening on the Island. Whether it’s the sailing adventures of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, or the vibrant colors and endless cuisine options of the annual Music & Food Festival, Carnival.


• Legend has it that over 350 years ago, the Dutch and the French wished to draw a border on the island in a civilized manner. It was decided that a race should be held to determine how much land each nation could claim.


• The French competitor had to follow the coastline to the North, the Dutchman had to walk South. Once they circumnavigated the island and met again, a line would be drawn between the starting point and the meeting point to define the border.


• Both men choose beverages according to their culture: the Frenchmen a bottle of Red Wine, the Dutch a bottle of Genever (Dutch Gin). Obviously, quenching one's thirst with Gin will have a more significant negative impact on one's athletic performance than sipping some wine. The Dutch soldier discovered this when he met his more sober French competitor again: His gin induced slow-down cost the Dutch quite some territory. French St. Martin covers now two thirds of the 37 square mile island.


• No matter what the legend, the 'Treaty of Concordia' is a reality and the oldest, still enforced international treaty

St Maarten Luxury Cruise & Stay

28 000,00₱Prix
  • On any day, the 342-guest flagship, Wind Surf, the world’s largest sailing ship, draws admiring glances as she glides majestically into port with her tall sails billowing.

    And her beauty is far more than skin deep. During their cruise, you will find the perfect setting for ‘making an entrance’ in the beautiful reception area – and, appropriately, that’s only the beginning.

    When you return to your stateroom, the luxury gets personal. Windstar’s signature bowls of flowers and fresh fruit will still be waiting for you, along with rich tufted headboards, soft seascape colors, beautiful new upholstery, and fine count Egyptian cotton linens welcome you to an oasis of relaxing indulgence.

    Everything about Wind Surf speaks of welcome. Come aboard and see it for yourself.

    CAPACITY: 342 Guests

    STATEROOMS: 150 deluxe ocean view staterooms

    SUITES: 18 deluxe ocean view suites

    BRIDGE DECK SUITES: 2 deluxe ocean view bridge suites

    OFFICER'S SUITE: 1, located in the officer's quarters

    DECKS: 6 decks CREW: 210 international staff

    SHIP'S REGISTRY: Bahamas

    LENGTH: 535 feet (162 meters) at waterline; 617 feet (187meters) including bowsprit

    DRAFT: 16.5 feet (5 meters)

    TONNAGE: 14,745 gross registered tons

    BEAM: 66 feet (20 meters)

    SAILS: 7 triangular, self-furling, computer-operated sails with 26,881 square feet (or 2,600 square meters) of Dacron surface area MASTS: 5 at 221 feet (67.5 meters)

    ENGINES: 4 diesel electric generating sets, 2 electrical propulsion motor SPEED: 10 to 12 knots with engines only; up to 15 knots wind and engine assisted

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