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Flying In a Tiger moth - Take the controls of a DH 82 and follow the training path of WW2 Spitfire pilots - no flying experience required! The Tiger Moth is a classic 1930's open cockpit biplane. The majority of the R.A.F.s pilots learnt to fly in her before progressing to such types as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Sunderland etc. There are only a small number of Tiger Moths that remain fully certified for trial Tiger Moth flights and therefore this represents a rare opportunity to undertake a flight in one of these classic aircraft and experience what it was like to be an RAF Pilot trainee in the Second World War.


  • Flying In A Tiger Moth Over Leeds Castle – No flying experience required!

  • Take control of the Tiger Moth in this special Leeds Castle flight experience

  • Trial lesson in a de Havilland DH.82 dual cockpit WW2 Tiger Moth – 15 mins airborne

  • Breathtaking views of Leeds Castle and the Weald Of Kent Countryside

  • Includes a safety briefing and an original Irvin Pilot Jacket to wear

  • Includes leather flying helmet with audio intercom to the instructor

  • Includes a Vintage Gift pack: Welcome letter, Tiger Moth Pilot’s Notes, Greetings Card

  • Buy a Flying In A Tiger Moth experience for yourself or a loved one as a gift

  • GVC will process your booking and will send you  an email voucher, then simply call us to book a date.

  • We post you a vintage gift pack in the passengers name – A perfect present

  • Fly from Headcorn, Kent. April To October

  • Family welcome – excellent viewing of the runway and aircraft

  • FREE car park, cafes, bars, Museum

  • 30 minute and 60 minute options available

  • 7 nights luxury accommodation for up to 6 persons. (Subject to availability on booking dates).

Fly in a Tiger Moth Aircraft

  • Arrival
    Everyone will be greeted by the staff and directed to the main reception and proceed tocheck-in. There is ample free parking and good facilities. With excellent viewing areas of the runway, a café and licensed bar, For this moment bring your family and friends to savour the atmosphere and share your Flying In A Tiger Moth experience day. You will need to arrive 30 minutes before your flight to meet your instructor and take a short flight briefing where you will receive all the practical safety information required.

    Your Aircraft
    The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth was the principal type used in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan where thousands of military pilots got their first taste of flight. The RAF found the Tiger Moth's handling ideal for training future fighter pilots. A robust little machine, it is generally docile and forgiving in normal flight. The Tiger Moth responds well to control inputs, and is fairly easy to fly for a tail-dragger. Its large "parachute" wings are very forgiving, and it stalls at a speed as slow as 25 knots with power. The Tiger Moth's biplane design makes it strong, You will be in constant communication with your instructor through your flying helmet. The instructor will handle the take off and landing - at their discretion during the Flying In A Tiger Moth experience you will be introduced to the flight controls. A 30 minute experience is enough time to visit Leeds Castle. From above you can experience unique views of Leeds Castle, rising majestically from the moat as it has done for over 900 years. Why not visit or stay at Leeds Castle. 

    Photography and video
    Your Flying In A Tiger Moth experience in the de Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth can be filmed throughout your lesson with your own device. Phones and cameras can be used, at your own risk, during your flight if they are secured by a neck lanyard or wrist strap. Spectators and family members can take photos and videos from the ample viewing areas assigned in safe positions at the aerodrome.

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