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The Ultimate Safari Experience

This really is the ultimate safari experience spending each night in the compounds of a Zoo in a luxury lodge with protected glass surroundings allowing you to really get up close & personal and will meet many of the most dangerous and endangered species on earth and at the same time help save them as every cent earned from this amazing experience goes towards just that.


When booking a room it includes your accommodation, all food and dinner beverages and exclusive tours. With bespoke African fixtures, lavish king beds, optional climate control, complimentary wireless internet, Music system with MP3 input, Foxtel television and premium amenities. The accommodation offered is absolutely fantastic. from a Giraffe Tree Houses to a Bungalow set in the Jungle and they all offer their own unique wildlife experience.


The Accommodation - The Lodge


A beautiful 7 room lodge with a stunning lounge and dining area, pool, spa and tropical gardens, all of which are reserved for the fortunate few who stay inthis stunning property. This is the owners’ former residence and has varying room sizes and designs. Your adventure starts in the living area, with a magnificent shark tank extending from one end to the other and with two of the coolest Colobus monkeys watching you from the other side!


From the minute you walk in the door you will be transported to deepest Africa – every part of the property is decorated in a truly African lodge theme and features fine carvings, artworks and artefacts from throughout Africa. The indoor and outdoor entertaining areas are only metres from the edge of a Lake and has magnificent views across the lake to Black Mountain. is the Zulu word for shark, but also refers to Shaka Zulu who was one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu kingdom and a stay here combines the magnificence of Africa and the wonders of the ocean.

The Treehouses

The Treehouses are set amongst lush surroundings allowing guests to overlook and wander freely amongst a friendly herd of animals in a private enclosure. At the end of your afternoon tour, you will have the opportunity to feed one of the resident giraffes, from either your balcony or in his enclosure (the Giraffe decides where, but nearly always from your balcony!). All Treehouses feature king beds, bath tubs,  bath robes, optional climate control, fold out sofa bed, complimentary wireless internet, music system with MP3 input, television with complimentary Foxtel and premium amenities.  Additional bedding utilises a double pull out sofa bed. All giraffe Treehouses have 6-8 stairs.

The Bungalows 

The Bungalows are luxurious individual suites adjoining a variety of enclosures throughout the property. A glass wall is all that will separate you from a pride of lions, cheetah, tigers or a Malayan sun bear! Regardless of whether you are relaxing in your lounge area, resting in bed or taking a leisurely bath, you will only be a heartbeat away from these amazing creatures. All rooms feature king beds,  bath robes, indulgent bath tubs, optional climate control, complimentary wireless internet, music system with MP3 input, television with complimentary Foxtel and premium amenities. Additional bedding utilises a double pull out sofa bed. When making a booking you have the option of giving a preference for which animal will be outside your room.

Up close & personel

  • The accommodation, which includes two tours of the 100 exhibits, has been running at 90% occupancy across the 18 rooms – proving the novel experience is worth every dollar.

    “Guests can’t see all the animals all the time,” Tindale told The CEO Magazine. “This is generally because our enclosures are larger than most urban zoos, but to compensate for this, we have more than one enclosure for a number of species, so if you can’t see them in one enclosure, you’re likely to see them in another.”

    The lodge, which is an accredited member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australia, is one of the few Australian zoos that isn’t government subsidised. Everything is funded by the owners, including the half-a-million-dollar white lion enclosures. To keep costs down the team organises everything themselves which can make a project take two to three times longer than usual to complete.

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