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7-nights in Venice (Italy) plus a 7 Night Greek Isles Cruise ONE BONUS NIGHT IN VENICE


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Nestled in the northeast corner of Italy and lapped by the bright blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is a marvel of history, art, culture and architecture. This iconic city has plenty of unforgettable sights and experiences to keep you coming back for years.

Venice is the perfect place to visit when you cruise from the port of Ravenna, Italy.



Looking at a map of Europe, you might be forgiven for missing Kotor — a tiny port in the already-tiny country of Montenegro. But from the moment your Kotor cruise docks, you'll enter a larger-than-life world of mighty forts and towering sea cliffs, the air filled with the refreshing smell of the ocean.



Perched above the Adriatic Sea, Corfu, Greece is the second largest Ionian island, and its size is rivaled by its tremendous history and dynamic cultural identity.


Cruise to Corfu and walk through the narrow streets of Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at the Italianate architecture left from centuries of Venetian rule.



Athens offers a looking glass back in time into Greece's powerful ancient civilization. Art lovers, epicureans and history buffs will be delighted by the ancient ruins, museums and tavernas of this picturesque town. Just 10 minutes from the port, you'll find the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, filled with sculptures from the Bronze Age to the Romans.



Nestled in the heart of Greece’s Cyclades archipelago, Mykonos pulses with irrepressible energy. With its powder white houses, sparkling blue waters and red-hot nightlife, The Island of the Winds is as colourful as the people who call the island home.


You can walk narrow marble pathways laced with purple bougainvillea blooms or go cycling on two wheels past off-the-beaten-track Ano Mera village. DAY SIX ARGOSTOLI The Ionian island of Cephalonia in postcards portrays idyllic beaches, forest-clad mountains and crystal-clear waters.


But adventure in its capital city of Argostoli is much more than meets the eye. This small town comes full of friendly locals – and visitors quickly fall for its traditional Greek lifestyle and spectacular natural attractions, like the Koutavos Lagoon’s nature preserve.


DAY SEVEN CRUISING AT SEA. One last day to take advantage of all the premium benefits this ship affords including a farewell party with those ship mates you have become close to.



Upon arrival back in Italy its time to disembark before your onward journey enjoying to the maximum your last night in Venice.

Venice to Greece Cruise

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