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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Holiday Ownership/Points Ownership?
A. Holiday Ownership/Points ownership provides you with the right-to-use of an apartment/townhouse/hotel room at a Global Vacation Club resort. In simple terms, Holiday Ownership/Points ownership allows you to purchase your resort accommodation at a fraction of whole ownership costs. You “own” your holiday unit for the period that you’ve purchased and pay an annual maintenance fee. During the rest of the year, other families enjoy the accommodation for their holidays, thereby sharing the cost of your holiday home.

Q. How much will my GVC Points cost?
A. Prices vary depending on the number of points purchased. GVC have set a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) to avoid inflated pricing that can be checked by asking the Vendor for the GVC License which outlines the RRP pricing policies. Should the Vendor fail to produce such license GVC  STRONGLY RECCOMEND THAT YOU DO NOT PURCHASE POINTS. A license check can be also obtained contacting a GVC Live Operator or by sending us an email.

Q. Can I finance my Points Purchase?
A. Finance options are available only to qualified purchasers. Purchases may be made with an initial deposit and the balance paid on monthly installments. The terms of the finance may vary according to country of residence of the purchaser. Please note Finance is an option that some Vendors selling GVC points DO NOT offer.

Q. Are there any additional expenses associated with my purchase?
A. In addition to the purchase price of your points, you will be responsible for an annual levy fee. This fee ensures that the Club is professionally ran from every facet. Running a Club like GVC has on going costs that must be paid whether its the staff required to ensure the service is exceptional or the latest hardware & software is sourced to run the many services GVC offer its members.

Q. How can I book my break?
A. You book your break(s) directly with GVC live online, request a call back from GVC at an appointed time, request via our on line booking portal or by Emailing GVC Reservations.

Q. How far in advance do I need to make my booking?
A. All bookings are subject to availability of accommodation, and all bookings need to be made a minimum of 2 years to 24 hours prior to the travel date.

Q. Do I get a confirmation?
A. You will receive confirmation by email within 24 hours of making your booking, and a call from a representative within 72 hours. Please do not make your  travel arrangements until after you have received this confirmation call.

Q. What are Vacation Points?
A. Vacation Points is your vacation currrency that allow you to book and confirm your vacations with Global Vacation Club reservation system. As you know, in order to become a part of Global Vacation Club, you must purchase points either directly from Global Vacation Club or one of our appointed Licensed Vendor's or Partner's Your Interest is represented by an annual allotment of a certain number of Vacation Points. Choose the amount of Vacation Points thats right for your vacation lifestyle. As a part of GVC, you will enjoy flexibility when choosing when, where and how often to vacation. '' All accommodations are subject to availability.''

Q. Can I combine my Vacation Points and cash to pay for a Global voyager or Global Gem cruise offer in the Global Collection or for other Global Vacation Club Collections?
A. You can combine your Vacation Points and cash to pay for selected GVC offers. Contact member services for full details.

Q. How are late payments assessed and how do they affect my Vacation Points?
A. Late payments can impact your ability to make reservations and to bank and borrow Vacation Points. Any payment that is overdue, including but not limited to Annual Dues, Loans, Member Getaways transaction fees and balances from Global Vacation Club Resort stays, prohibits banking and borrowing of Vacation Points. Members in Bad Status are also ineligible to receive any available discounts on offers on Global Vacation Club accommodations. In addition, if you are more than 90 days past due on your Annual Dues, this will cause a suspension of all activities, and will result in the cancellation of any existing reservations.

Q. As a Global Vacation Club Member, can I rent my Vacation Points?
A. Members may rent their Vacation Points. However, the use of your Vacation Points for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Commercial purpose includes a pattern of rental activity or other occupancy by a Member that the Board of Condominium Association, in its reasonable discretion, could conclude constitutes a commercial enterprise or practice.

Q. Will I always be able to vacation the same way with the same number of Vacation Points?
A. We know that most Members like the flexibility of knowing that as their lifestyle and needs change through their Membership they can use their Vacation Points in different ways. So if there is a time you need more or fewer Vacation Points for a stay, you can bank or borrow Vacation Points as needed.

Q. I dont have enough Vacation Points to book my ideal vacation. How can I obtain more Vacation Points?
A. Its easy to stretch your Vacation Points farther or obtain more Vacation Points. Here's how:

a) You can bank Vacation Points from your current Use Year to use during your next Use Year (restrictions apply)

b) Alternatively you can borrow Vacation Points from your next use year to book a reservation in your current use year.


You may decide that you need a larger points total to gain access to more Vacation Points for years to come. If so simply contact GVC and we can top up your points almost instantly on line and add them to your account or contact the GVC Vendor that you purchased from initially.

The above are just a selection of commonly asked questions. Should you not see what you are looking for please contact member services by telephone or email?


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