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''It was a vacation we thought we would never take but after seeing Robin Williams we thought hey let's give it a go and it turned into one of the best times we had as a family''.

Mr. & Mrs. Atkins - Florida USA

Global Vacation Club - GVC X Trails


GVC X Trails offers a wide range of diverse road trips — as you travel across country (or even just a small part of that country). Enjoy a personalized, targeted, and comfortable overnight experience, all whilst in the midst of the outdoors.


Further, the portability of RVs provides access to places where an overnight stay in a hotel just cannot take you. With an RV, you do not have to worry about the quality of a hotel along the way or even if there are no vacancies. And because you are not altering your living quarters as you shift from location-to-location, the experience of travelling in an RV feels much more grounded and consistent. 


There are so many great tools out there to make your trip as seamless as possible. GVC have carefully planned each X Trail not only to find the safest route to your destination but have explored trusted reviews to help you make the best choice for your stay. When planning a road trip, you do not necessarily have to follow our detailed routes to the letter. It can sometimes be fun to stumble upon other interesting sites whilst getting sidetracked.


It is your journey, although you will want to have a rough guide of the route ahead before setting out on your journey. GVC have thoroughly researched each destination taking into account the RV parks you will visit along the way down to the attractions that are worth visiting including historical attractions viewed as a must see. ​


Experience something most have never tried


RVs are ideal for a range of different road trips — as you travel across the country or countries, you can enjoy your own ideas, stops and sights. The portability of RVs provides users full access to places where an overnight stay would otherwise be too expensive or too complicated to take on board. You really are painting your own canvass. 


When planning a road trip, its ultimately your choice. Who is travelling with you, how many? Which route or when to redirect. It really does offer a whole new appetite to holiday making. Due to the recent pandemic, we have encountered all over the world RVs have become a comfortable option for families. We have excellent options available and super savings too. Visit X Trails to find out more. 

Global Vacation Club - Discover the great outdoors at home
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