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Global Vacation Club Experience Membership 

Welcome as a GVC Gateway member and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to showcase the club to you and your loved ones. We hope you enjoy the benefits of the club to the maximum. This page will clearly outline where to go next in order to start taking advantage of GVC's products & services.

GVC Gateway  Property Destinations
Click on any destination to view properties.

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 Further destinations are available in: North America, South America, UK, Asia, Scandinavia,

Eastern and other parts of Europe. Please contact GVC for more details.

Ocean & River Cruises
 Quality Hotels
Historic Castles
Luxury Villas & Condos

Experience Membership with Global Vacation Club

Global Vacation Club is one of the fastest growing concepts in today's marketplace, predominantly due to the product range made available to our members including the Gateway Trial Membership that you have selected.

The Club boasts an impressive array of unique features designed to ensure as a member you have a special vacation experience every time you go away. In addition we also offer both high end luxury products along with many lower budget options thus catering to the holiday demands of every family we serve.

GVC Gateway Trial Membership was specifically designed to provide families a detailed overview of Global Vacation Club, how it operates, our fees and protections whilst you enjoy a GVC Vacation and to witness the service, savings & benefits. We feel it allows you to make sure the club is right for you and your family/friends.

Gateway membership offers 2 options option 1 entitles you to 3 weeks vacation and option 2 entitles you to 6 weeks in a number of selected destinations to accommodate 4 people for a period of 3 years allowing the member to take advantage of all aspects of the club. 

Registering your Membership


Your account has already been setup by GVC including all details of membership recorded and activated. All you need to do now is register an email and password for your account.

Registration takes less than 5 minutes and is done so in order to keep your account as secure as possible.

As a member you will have been issued a GVC certificate of ownership outlining the details of your membership. Please refer to this document should you encounter any problems. Alternatively contact GVC who will be happy to assist.

Creating your Login Details

At the top right hand corner of any page on our website you will see a LOG in or SIGN UP option. From here simply follow the three easy steps. 

1. Click on the link provided and follow the on screen instructions. You can sign with Facebook, Gmail or Email

2. You will then be prompted to create a password of your choice. Once you have created a password click submit.  

3. Your registration will then be reviewed and approved by Global Vacation Club. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming your account activation.

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