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Never in a month of Sundays

We were introduced to GVC by some close friends and if we had not had that introduction I can honestly say I would never in a month of Sunday's got involved in any sort of holiday club.

I have to say though credit where credit is due we were blown away when we arrived in Bali. After a torrid affair at the airport over visas we finally got through tired, stressed and agrivated. That mood soon changed when we arrived at the property our friends booked for us it was simply out of this world, never did we imagine it would be so perfect for the money we paid 14 days of absolute luxury certainly helps you recharge the batteries.

One of the best vacations our family has ever taken. On our return we asked our friends how to obtain membership and GVC were superb someone came to our home explained how it all worked and the costs again to our surprise the cost to get involved was less than we spent last year on 2 vacations so we purchased 10,000 points. As the saying goes ''never say never''

Kind Regards

Stuart & Willai Johnston

Memb No: GVC-17507886 TH

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