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Pleased to hear from you Mr. Meeklethorpe

Dear sirs,

It's not very often I write these kinds of things, however thanks to your company we have managed to do something that for the previous 11 years we felt was impossible to do. After trying so many ways and paying a lot of money it felt like our Timeshare was going to become a noose around our necks. A few weeks ago upon a visit to our home resort in Majorca we were approached by one of your people who informed us GVC were now on site and assisting owners in being able to relinquish weeks they no longer wanted to be burdened with and with the developers blessing.

I couldn't believe this news as it was one reason we went. Your company is to be applauded and we are thankful for all of the assistance throughout the whole process. By doing this we are now free from quite frankly a terrible situation.

Your system suits us down to the ground and it will cost us far less than our yearly maintenance fees, not forgetting all the other costs that came along with it like exchange fees and having to bank weeks with no guarantee of a swap somewhere else. The list goes on but nevertheless it's a weight off our minds and all thanks to your company.

You will become a beacon of light to many people.

Warmest Regards,

Cyril Meeklethorpe

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